• Less Selling, More Sales

    Mindfully remove barriers between you and your org's unique dent in the Universe.

  • What is a Mindful Sales Culture?

    A culture where every employee's time and attention is in alignment with its values and how your organization ends suffering for its clients and stakeholders while seeking to innovate, implement and communicate unique answers to the 3W's*:


    Why buy anything?

    Why buy us?

    Why buy now?


    As a result, everyone's time and attention is valued and mindfully applied to what drive sales.


    * from Steve Browne's Innovators Traction

  • Success Stories

    More upon request...

    Former teacher turned top EdTech sales rep:

    Sabrina had no sales experience when she left teaching to impact schools through selling adaptive EdTech. Initially she experienced a negative feedback loop with calls. After initial training, that loop become positive and lead to great results.

    1 Hour Cold Calling Module - Script MVP

    Wanted to create an MVP to test and refine, to bring sales methodology to their team starting with how they generate more leads while making the best use of everyone's time.

    Impacted every interaction with small nuances, which makes selling actually enjoyable.

    Impacts every interaction, plan for the day and resulted in being number 1 on team and actually enjoying selling - especially because she has found a way to sell authentically.

    Close mind, open hearts and mouths

    Founder Tom describers the first time he applied in a way that helped accelerate discussions and get the information he needed to make the best use of everyone's time. He then goes on to describe how he was able to do it earlier in a more casual way from then on.

    Cofounder dynamics in selling

    Value Driven

    Founding CEO describes impact of training on their value proposition.

    Mentoring Session at Incubator

    Interactive session on sales process and how to get information required to validate your business model early on.

  • Core Principles

    Moment Management

    Mindfully focused awareness:

    • On each moment (every interaction across org can (+)impact sales)
    • Fully present (thoughts, sensations and emotions valued as sales wisdom)
    • On purpose (knowing what you are doing and why)
    • Non-judgmentally (curiosity and compassion without assumptions)
    • As if your life depended upon it (beat fierce competition through clarity and conviction while delivering the most value to your prospect)

    Meeting Management

    Moment-to-Moment OODA Loops (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) to agree upon clear next steps:

    • Ok'ness via agenda setting
    • Context via success stories
    • Attunement via upfront info/insight
    • Decision delegated to prospects to end each meeting
    Each meeting focused on making the best use of y(our) time (which includes your time, as well as the prospect's time and timeline of their org) while establishing credibility that each meeting will be time mindfully spent.

    Ok'ness Management

    Constant monitoring and management of your and your prospects' Ok'ness to:

    • Make the best use of time (buy-in in to the process and structure of time)
    • Open up to give information (giving information for you to tune the rest of the meeting)
    • Tee up challenging topics for you and/or them (e.g., talking about money, being ready to make a decision, being able to say no).
    • Address underlining emotional charges related to their pre-existing suffering and suffering from the sales process

    Authentic Selling

    Successful sales people are defined by their mindset, process and skills - and not by simply being a natural sales type. Apply these things authentically based on who you are (e.g., engineer, teacher, cook, artist, designer) in ways that feel natural and meet people exactly where they are.

    ABC's of Sales

    Buying decisions are made emotionally and emotions need to be intentionally managed in every moment with Compassion, Curiosity and Clarity:

    • Close Agenda, Open Meeting.
    • Close Mind, Open Hearts.
    • Close Mouth, Open Mouths.

    Sales Awareness

    Apply awareness of y(our) thoughts, sensations and emotions in each moment to efficiently and effectively disqualify those whose suffering you do not clearly end. Begin to manage self when personal "un-met needs" are negatively impacting sales clarity.


    Whatever is so painful for your prospect to initial engage a saleperson and that actually drives their purchasing decision. Suffering for you and your prospect also includes:

    • Trying to sell to prospects who have weak answers to the 3W's.
    • Not being clear on things like Commitment (money, political capital, change management) or Path (buying process, people involved, criteria) from the start.
    • Not being mindful of the fact that it is human nature that "everyone is lying to everyone" in the sales process and not cultivating the conditions for truth to surface.

    Sales is Search

    Sales is a search (not a pitch) to find unique suffering you end guided by a weekly pipeline review process so you don't get lost:

    • Disqualifying for the 3W's (especially Why buy us), Commitment and Path early/often.
    • Using a 10-Steps Sales Pipeline to gauge probability and next steps.
    • Discovering, refining, updating and reminding prospect of the 3W's at every step of the sales process.
    • Removing the stress of having to be a good closer by delegating the close to the prospect, working then to support their best possible decision by being mindful of time and suffering.

    Daily Habits

    Success is following a sales process with the right mindset, daily.

    • Mindfully get info at each step with Compassion, Curiosity and Clarity questions to ensure good use of time.
    • Prioritize time by highest to lowest Expected Revenue (Deal Probability X's Estimated Amount). 
    • Consistently managing time in meetings to get clear next steps.
    • Being able to be awoken in the middle of the night with a quick answer to the 3W's for important deals.
    • Running weekly pipeline deals efficiently with a shared language and agreed upon role (e.g., 5 min status update or 25 min surgery).
  • About

    Mindful Sales Culture brings together sales, engineering, and product experience acquired over a decade of new business launches. Our network of domain experts and sales professionals help us tailor services to your particular needs. In addition our skilled partner network can create sale and marketing collateral to elegantly and effectively promote your product and brand.

    Walter R. Roth



    Drove the initial sales and sales process ramp up for multiple startups across technology, media and service providers. Personally raised over $4M in funding for his own startups, been an EIR at a Silicon Valley venture fund and advises other companies how to scale sale and raise capital. Most recently cofounded InwardInc.com which powers the wildly successful Mindfulness Daily mobile app and mindfulness based programs.



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